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Enjoy the warmth of your home with the confidence that you have chosen your oil supplier correctly.The company in direct cooperation with ELINOIL-Hellenic Petroleum Company A.E., conquers firsts in the most difficult and demanding parts of the market.

PAPPAS PETROL ensures that you are always sure of the quality of the oil you purchase and ensures with strict procedures and constant checks the best available quantity of oil in Greece.

PAPPAS PETROLEUM gives priority to you, your absolute satisfaction and your best service. One of the largest companies in the field with its own tank facilities, privately owned tankers, excellent organization system and qualified personnel. PAPPAS PETROLEUM is ready to offer you quickly and efficiently the most complete coverage of services at European levels.

Our history

  • PAPPAS PETROL is a Greek company marketing and distribution of petroleum products for heating that has been active in the Greek market since 1971.
  • PAPPAS PETROL, securing heating oil directly from Greek refineries, is one of the largest enterprises of its kind in Greece./li>
  • The company responsibly guarantees the quantity of oil it delivers with continuous instructions, advice and information to the consumer.
  • In recent years its price is firmly the benchmark in our region while respecting the balances in competition.
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Our goals

Our main goal is to make PAPPAS PETROLEUM the most direct, friendly and reputable oil company. We all know the importance of quality in fuel. The space in which we constantly give “tests” and the absolute offer directly from our Greek refineries becomes top notch here.

At the same time, we ensure timely and guaranteed delivery at the most competitive prices in the market, giving you the opportunity to pay through settlement.